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Car Touring and Bushwalking in East Gippsland - 1988

The first and still the only comprehensive guide to the magnificent forests and coastal areas of Victoria’s little-known Far East Gippsland region, which covers the State from the Snowy River and Orbost area, through to the New South Wales border.

Catering for both car touring and bushwalking, the book covers such outstanding natural areas as the Snowy River valley, the superb forests of the Rodger River and Errinundra Plateau, and the beautiful coastal regions including Croajingolong National Park.

The guide includes 27 detailed maps and comprehensive notes on 17 Car Tours, 59 Places of Interest and 45 Bushwalks. There is something for everyone, from short trips in the car and on foot, to long car tours and extended walks through rugged terrain.

Printed book, A5, 190 pages plus 32 pages of inspiring full colour photos. Postage included. A$29.95 (Australia) /$A44.95 (Rest of World).

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Many changes have occurred across the region since the heady days of the late 1980s when this book was published - mostly because the book was part of a major campaign to achieve more national parks in the region and these parks have subsequently been created. Although the book has been remarkably successful with sales in excess of 20,000 copies, sadly economics do not warrant a revised edition. Not much stock is left and when this is all gone, that will be it. Despite its age and the changes already mentioned, the book is still made available to purchasers because feedback from users continues to indicate the worth of the product.

The book was originally published by the Australian Conservation Foundation, reprinted several times, then reprinted again jointly by Snowgum Press and Acacia Vines P/L, which was a company that I owned at the time. It was launched in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne by the Hon. Joan Kirner, Minister for Conservation, Forests and Lands, who went on to become Premier of Victoria.

As a matter of historical interest, I have made available a copy of a book review published in The Age newspaper in May 1988 (below) although I cringe every time I read that my photographic talents are “…enhanced by intelligent airbrushing of the flowing water…”. Of course there is no airbrushing, rather the small lens aperture needed to get razor sharpness from foreground to background, coupled with the often dim lighting in the forests, mean that long exposures are necessary - instead of the water being “frozen” by a fast shutter speed, the moving fluid paints its own image on the film while the shutter remains open for up to 8 seconds.

egbookreview-1000.jpg egpage2-v2-600.jpg egwalks-v2-450.jpg egpage1-v2-450.jpg

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Please forgive the poor reproduction of the book’s pages - they are not available in digital form.