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Captain Jack - 2020

Have a read of the blurb below. You can also read the FIRST CHAPTER - click on the front cover image at left.

Captain Jack  is the true life story of a group of incompatible and sometimes violent strangers stuck on board a yacht for two months, while they sail it from Cairns, Australia, to Darwin, through some of the remotest waters of any developed country in the world.

The crew consists of a violent 20-year-old Canadian boy, a product of the court system and anger management therapy; a 39-year-old American teacher who went to Thailand for a sex holiday and never returned to the US, who became a heroin addict, and was now supposedly reformed; the American’s sexy but naïve 26-year-old Thai wife, who believed he had brought her to Australia to sell her; and the 46-year-old author of this book.

The yacht owner and skipper, Captain Jack, is a 53-year-old Aussie bloke, highly experienced on the water and tough as nails, who believes he has the power of life and death over his crew, and is not afraid to exercise it. His wife is a Swiss backpacker 23 years his junior, who he picked up as crew three years back. They married after she accidentally fell pregnant. That coupling produced the final person on board, their 18-month-old toddler.

The mixture is a recipe for disaster from the start.

This is not only a story of shark attack, attempted murder and high adventure, but a candid insight into personality and human behaviour in a confined space, and a fascinating journey of personal discovery. All taking place in the incomparable setting of the Great Barrier Reef and the crocodile- and shark-infested waters of Australia’s dangerous north.

The story will draw you into the lives of the people on board and keep you intrigued as they struggle with life, with each other, with nature in the raw, and, most of all, with… Captain Jack.

156 pages, A4, lavishly illustrated with full colour photos and maps. Available as a PDF file only, suitable for computer, tablet or any device that reads PDF files. Delivery by download. A$4.95.

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You can read the first chapter of the book HERE

Some images from the trip are shown at left - click to enlarge them.

Captain Jack

Read the first chapter

Click on the front cover image

Captain Jack First Chapter.pdf

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