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Products For Sale

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Car Touring & Bushwalking Series

There are two titles available in the well-known “Car Touring and Bushwalking” series:

Car Touring and Bushwalking in East Gippsland, and

Car Touring and Bushwalking in the Southern Flinders Ranges

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Car Touring and Bushwalking in East Gippsland by Grant Da Costa Car Touring and Bushwalking in the Southern Flinders Ranges by Grant Da Costa


Grant’s images are for sale. Prices vary according to the proposed use. Please send an email to request a quote or call to discuss what you want. See CONTACT DETAILS.

There are examples on this page and other pages on the website.

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All locations, drives and walks in the guide books have been personally surveyed by the author. The information provided cannot take account of any changes to tracks, road conditions, signposting, access, campsites etc. that have taken place since the date of survey. The author and publisher cannot take responsibility for these changes or for any loss, injury or mishap sustained by any person, from the use of these books.

Captain Jack

Captain Jack is the true life story of a group of incompatible and sometimes violent strangers stuck on board a yacht for two months, while they sail it from Cairns, Australia, to Darwin, through some of the remotest waters of any developed country in the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Grant was aboard.

Please click HERE or on the front cover image (left) to find out more and to read the first chapter for free. To purchase, visit the SHOP.

Captain Jack by Grant Da Costa PWG to Arkaroola

Photowords Guide to Arkaroola

This book is the first comprehensive car touring and bushwalking guide to the magnificent arid range country of Arkaroola, in the Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Arkaroola is in the top echelon of outdoor destinations in Australia. Scenic grandeur, fascinating historic relics, engaging drives and a remarkable collection of walks are all within a day’s drive of the resort, caravan park and camping area at Arkaroola Village.

B&W Trail-optimised and colour versions available. Click HERE or on either front cover image (right) to find out more and view sample pages. To purchase, visit the SHOP.

017-CanaipaPassageFromMtWilles-p-800.jpg 099-DeadTreeLittleSandhillsMoretonIs-p-600.jpg 104-FlindersStStation&Dave&BridgeFromSouthbank-600.jpg 202-ElmHausCafeMaiala-p-600.jpg 156-Mangroves&OchreCliffsHorseshoeBayPeelIs-p-600.jpg C_Dutchman Valley 300dpi1024-600.jpg 134-SpoonbillsLittleSandhillsMoretonIs-p-800.jpg 061-SoldierCrabLittleSandhillsMoretonIs-p-600.jpg 5234-SpainBay-PortDavey-800.jpg 9245-EvenKeels&CoralFromIleNeneBeach-Gadji-800.jpg Follow Photowords On Facebook SITE MAP PWG to Arkaroola