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Photowords Guide to Arkaroola - Northern Flinders Ranges (2016)


To VIEW SAMPLE PAGES from the two different versions of the book, click on the front cover images at left.

This book is the first comprehensive car touring and bushwalking guide to the magnificent arid range country of Arkaroola, in the Northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia. Arkaroola is in the top echelon of outdoor destinations in Australia. Scenic grandeur, fascinating historic relics, engaging drives and a remarkable collection of walks are all within a day’s drive of the Village. Whether you choose to go for a stroll and finish the day with a good coffee at the Pick & Shovel, or immerse yourself in some of the grandest wilderness in the Outback, Arkaroola will most likely exceed your expectations.

There are 13 specially-prepared maps to guide you on your way to enjoying the 5 Locations (places of special interest), 10 Drives and 26 Walks. The walks range from strolls of a few hundred metres to full day epics into some of the wildest and remotest country in Australia. No matter what your interest, the comprehensive range of activities will have you covered.

The general introduction to Arkaroola and the detailed trip planning sections ensure that your visit will be informed and enjoyable, and that you will be able to make the most of your time spent there.

The book is available in two versions (see front covers at left). The first version is optimised for the trail. It is black & white, 70 pages, A4, and can be purchased as:

  1. PDF file, suitable for printing yourself or for use on laptop, tablet, smart phone or any device that reads PDF files. Delivery by email. A$9.95
  2. Printed book, wire spiral binding. Postage included. A$24.95 (Australia) /$A39.95 (Rest of World).
  3. Bundle of (1) and (2), save $5. Postage included. A$29.90 (Australia) /$A44.90 (Rest of World)

The second version is a full colour souvenir/inspirational volume illustrated with 145 stunning photos of the Drives and Walks. The maps are also in colour. The text is the same as the black & white version.

96 pages, A4. PDF file only. It can be purchased individually or as part of a bundle:

  1. PDF file, suitable for use on laptop, tablet, smart phone or any device that reads PDF files. Delivery by download (approx. 80Mb). A$12.95
  2. Bundle of (4) and (1. B&W PDF), save $8. A$14.95
  3. Bundle of (4) and (2. B&W Printed Book), save $5. Postage included. A$32.95 (Australia) /$A47.95 (Rest of World)

To purchase any of these items please visit the ON-LINE SHOP.

View sample pages of the Black & White version HERE

View sample pages of the Colour version HERE

Some images from Arkaroola are shown at left - click to enlarge them.

Photowords Guide to Arkaroola

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Click on the front cover image Black & White trail-optimised version


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0282-WetRedGumsOnCopleyRd-GammonRangesNP-700.jpg 0581-ThePinnacles&CurlyMallee&PorcupineGrass-800.jpg 0453-RedGumInAmericanGap-RadiumCreek-700.jpg 0552-ArkaroolaVillageInFogFromAcaciaRidge-800.jpg 0565c-CurlyMalleeEucalyptusGillii-Arkaroola-1060x317.jpg BACK TO PRODUCTS SITE MAP GO TO SHOP pwgta-col-sample.pdf

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Click on the front cover image Full colour souvenir version