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Dramatic Helicopter Rescue - Frazer Blowhole - NSW Central Coast…Page 2

As it came through the entrance on its penultimate run, backwash from the blades threw up a cloud of spray, forming a rainbow that seemed to lead the helicopter into the gulch like a symbol of hope (right).


After depositing the injured man on Snapper Point the chopper came in for its final run, to collect the paramedic and crew member (below left). The rescue was over (below right).

While the chopper hovered overhead, the stretcher and the doctor were hooked up to the lifting cable. The crewman attached a tether to the foot of the stretcher to prevent it from spinning as it rose. Then, while the crewman kept feeding out the tether, the cabin crew ever so carefully began winching the doctor and stretcher skywards (below left & right). Unlike earlier runs where the chopper was actually travelling with people suspended on the wire, this time it remained rock stationary.

Three cheers for the operators and sponsors of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.


All of this took place in Munmorah State Conservation Area on the Central Coast of New South Wales, where we spent a delightful 4 days. Below right are a few of my favourite images taken in this park (click on the thumbnails to enlarge).