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Video Gallery

Hinchinbrook Island - 3m59s

Sailing the island’s rugged and exposed east coast, landing at Zoe Bay, and climbing to the famous Zoe Falls. Followed by spectacular sunrises at Banksia Bay where the mountains tower 1000 metres over the beach. We waited at anchor for six days off Orpheus Island to get a weather window calm enough to visit this often inaccessible coastline.

Yellow Patch - 3m34s

Yellow Patch features a massive sand blow that cascades straight into the waters of a gorgeous anchorage. Strong afternoon light on the face of the slipping sands generates powerful colours. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Queensland coast and is only accessible by boat.

Wistari Reef - 1m14s

Wistari Reef lies on the Great Barrier Reef adjacent to Heron Island in Queensland. In the centre of the reef is a delightful sand cay that can be explored by taking a dinghy over the reef on a rising tide. The cay disappears entirely at high tide. Care must be taken to ensure the dinghy is back over the reef wall before the tide drops too far.

Magnetic Island - 2m5s

After anchoring in Horseshoe Bay at Magnetic Island it is a lovely walk through to Balding Bay. Colourful rocks and fallen leaves, flowering spinifex and giant granite boulders tumbled on the beach are rich in photographic potential.

Curlew Island - 2m3s

Curlew Island, off the Queensland coast south of Mackay, is a truly beautiful place to anchor. A striking coloured cliff dominates the bay. Opposite is an extensive sand bank, Tinonee Bank, that is only exposed at low tide. The sand has been sculpted into stunning shapes by the sea. The most remarkable is a pool in the shape of a heart.

Zoe Bay and The Thumb, Hinchinbrook Island Yellow Patch, Queensland Wistari Reef Sand Cay, Queensland Flowering Spinifex Grass, Balding Bay, Magnetic Island Tinonee Bank and Curlew Island, Queensland

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Sonata 7 Trailer Sailer “Mirage” sailing in the Whitsunday Islands - 8:36

The Whitsundays is a world famous sailing destination in Queensland. This video is a series of still images set to music, covering our five week cruise. It includes Gloucester Island, Hook Island and Whitsunday Island destinations. To see more about Mirage, visit the Past Projects section  HERE.

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